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     "For over thirty years, I have had an interest in the art of chair caning or seat weaving. It all started when I was a newlywed. How, one might ask, are the two connected? Like most newlyweds, we were long on love, but short on money and therefore, furniture, for our very sparsely furnished apartment. However, I discovered a huge old building in Rockville, Connecticut filled with used furniture and antiques. I found a delicate oak pressed-back chair with holes going around the frame of the seat. I was raised with cane and splint seated furniture, so I knew it was a hole-caned chair. Having just read about a class being offered in hole caning in the area, I bought the chair (for $2.00) and enrolled in the class. After I finished that chair (which I still have with its original seat), I then bought a rocking chair for my sister that required a new back and seat. This pretty maple rocker had rails that had to be woven around. I found a booklet on how to replace seats and wove a binder cane seat and back on the chair. She, too, has the rocker today with its original seat. Don't tell my husband, but that's how a second love affair began.
     In 1980, my husband, Mark, and I moved back to Loudoun County where I grew up. With a degree in Social Work/Sociology from Western Maryland College in Westminster, Md., I pursued a job as a paralegal for the elderly with Legal Services of Northern Virginia in Leesburg. Two children came along (Jessica and Nathan), various part-time jobs and activities and the years went into fast forward. Over the following years, I would occasionally buy a piece of furniture that required some sort of seat replacement. I would then read books on the subject and practice. I guess you could say that after that first class in hole caning, I taught myself the other types of seat weaving techniques.
     Almost 10 years ago, a desire to re-connect the dots, or holes (so to speak), between my interests, talents, and needs led me to do some self-searching and the result was to re-kindle my interest in caning and the restoration of furniture. The final result was to start my own home-based re-caning business.


Newly married, long on love and short on money, has become a master caner over the past 10 years. He hopes to keep the trade alive and expand our business."


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There are several antique businesses, restaurants and retail stores in the area who have displayed my work and cards, offered me free access to shows, and encouraged me onward when business was slow at first.

     A Very Special Thanks to:

Lucketts Store
Wit's End Antiques
Wooden Restorations
Katherine Riedel
The Antique Emporium
Blue Ridge Veterinarians
Bonnie's Country Kitchen
and numerous others for their help in reaching potential clients.